Сценарий празднования Рождества в Великобритании и США

Автор: Марина Атамурадовна Саранчина
Место работы: «МБОУ СОШ № 5» г. Биробиджана
Должность: учителя английского языка


1. Знакомство с традициями встречи Рождества в англо-говорящих странах.

2. Активизация языкового материала по английскому языку.

3. Формирование положительной мотивации учащихся к изучению иностранного языка.

4. Развитие драматических способностей обучающихся.

5. Закрепление знаний стихов, песен, сценок на английском языке.

Декорации: Рождественская елка; камин с носками; звезда; костюмы мудрецов, пастухов, ангела, Санта Клауса, оленя; кукла.

Для инсценировки использованы песни из Рождественского альбома группы Бони М.

Ведущий 1: We want to tell you the story of one of the most beautiful holidays. It is Christmas. The Christmas story comes from the Bible. It tells us an interesting story of shepherds who were watching their sheep when an angel appeared to them. He told them the birth of Jesus Christ. Two thousand years ago, the emperor Augustus wanted to count the people in his land. He told everyone to go back to the city where they had been born. Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth, Mary was going to have a baby but they had to go to Bethlehem. It was a long, long trip.

Mary went to the stable. Мария и Иосиф вступают в центр. Через некоторое время Мария держит на руках куклу (младенца).

Ведущий 2: Mary’s baby was born. They named him Jesus.

Звучит отрывок из песни «Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ»

Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day.

And man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day.

Long time ago in Bethlehem, so the Holy Bible say,

Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day

На сцене – пастухи, к ним приближается ангел.

Ведущий 1: An angel came to speak. The shepherds were afraid.

Ангел: Don’t be afraid, I bring you good news. Today, in the town of Bethlehem, a baby has been born. This baby is Christ the lord.

На сцене – мальчик, держащий звезду и трое детей изображающих мудрецов. Ведущий 2: A bright star appeared in the sky. Wise men saw the star in the east.

Мудрец: A new king is born. Let’s go to see him. Let’s bring him gifts.

Ведущий 2: The wise men followed the star .They stopped over the place where the baby Jesus was born. Because of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christians began to celebrate Christmas.

Ведущий 1: The wise men saw the child and his mother. They gave him gifts. They bowed down. They gave him gold.

Дети хором: This was the first Christmas!

Ведущий 2: Christmas has a lot of traditions. One of them is Santa Claus or Father Christmas. На сцене появляется Санта Клаус и запряженный олень под песню « Jingle bells »

Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh,

Over the fields we go, laughing all the way.

Bells on bob-tails ring, making spirits bright,

What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight.


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

Санта Клаус раскладывает подарки в носки, прикрепленные к камину

Ведущий 1: Santa Claus gets into houses through chimneys and puts presents for the household and especially for children into the stockings which he finds on his way. The children believe in this legend and prepare the stockings for presents. Usually, they put them not far from the chimney, under the Christmas trees or near their beds.

Ведущий 2: Christmas Day is a family holiday. Most people prefer to stay at home. Then the time of Christmas dinner comes. It consists of numerous delicious dishes. There are stuffed geese or turkeys, Christmas puddings, sauces on the tables. The air is full of tasty smell of roasting poultry. Around five o’clock the candles are lit on the Christmas trees and the Christmas cakes are cut and eaten with cups of tea. It is a wonderful time for families.

Санта Клаус прощается с героями и уезжает под песню группы Бони М «I’ll be home for Christmas»

I’ll be home for Christmas

I’ll be home just in time

I can’t wait ’till I see you

Feel your heart next to mine

We’ll Be Together again like before

You and I all alone

I’ll hold you close when I walk through that door

I’ll be home for Christmas

Все участники инсценировки выходят на сцену и поют «We wish you a Merry Christmas»

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

And a happy New Year!

Учитель: Dear Actors we are very grateful for your performance!


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